Software is the brain of joinery.
We create it.

It was founded in 2003 with the specific aim of bringing innovation to the wood industry. Kosmosoft is the first company in the world to give to window, door and cabinet manufacturers both the theoretical information and practical tools to face the future serenely . Our solutions are installed in over 45 countries around the world.

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We are obsessed with improving and simplifying the life of those who trust us. We are not afraid of investments, developments, risks. We do not wait for the future, we create the future of the wood industry continuously, constantly, without compromise, at any cost and we do it at a speed which is unattainable for any company.


The business world is always and only driven by money. For money every wickedness is justified. We are not like that. We work according to the principle that “If you make a mistake, you have to pay for it”, if Kosmosoft makes a mistake, Kosmosoft will pay.
When everything goes well people are all friends, but when something goes wrong you understand who is really by your side.


Maybe we're crazy but the classic customer-supplier relationship disgusts us. We believe in a relationship where customer and supplier are on the same level and share a growth based on fairness and mutual gratitude. In this way - and only in this way - work magically turns into something infinitely greater.


We are Italian and this is often synonymous with things done "more or less" well. Over time we have learned that things done superficially are often a cause for discussion, the best way to damage relationships. In Kosmosoft every activity (development, support, training, installation, sales, marketing) follows precise procedures that define the exact sequence of operations to be done.
Only through precision can we obtain certain results, in certain times.


In order to build useful and practical software solutions it is essential to listen to those who have to use them. he concreteness of Kosmosoft products is the result of constant collaboration with our customers. Thanks to the suggestions of our customers on the real needs of the joinery, we have created a precious mine of experiences from all over the world, which now improve the lives of those who use them and which may soon be at your service as well.


All software companies make a living from services such as the annual support fee. They do not invest in making products simpler, more intuitive, because if they are too simple, customers don't need any support ... and the business collapses.
Kosmosoft acts in the opposite way: we reduce the need for support (less money, less time) through obsessive product care.

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