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Welcome to the website “archimede.kosmosoft.eu” (henceforth referred to as “website”).
Please read the following “General Use Policy of the website” carefully as they set up the use terms of this online service by you.
By accessing, browsing, and using the website, you accept, without limitation or qualification, these terms and conditions. Your agreement to the general use conditions is the necessary condition to use the service.

The website is operated and managed by Kosmosoft Engineering S.r.l.
Possible complaints concerning or resulting from the use of the website and the material contained within are subject to Italian laws in force. Accessing the website from a different area is your own discretion and makes you be bound by applicable laws of your territory.

Content, property and limitation of website use

If not differently specified, all information in this website such as images, pictures, graphics, photos, videos, texts, icons, drawings, writings and any other material contained in the website (henceforth referred to as “Contents”) are copyrights, trademarks, particularities or other intellectual property rights possessed, managed and authorized by Kosmosoft Engineering S.r.l. or they belong to their owners and are protected by the laws concerning copyright. The name and the logo “Sopsi” are marka registered by Kosmosoft Engineering S.r.l.. Collecting and arranging the website contents are works protected separately by copyright and are exclusive property of Kosmosoft Engineering S.r.l.. You are not authorized to use trademarks or service marks regarding none of the website Contents.

By accessing the website, you are not authorized to use names, logo, trademarks or service marks. You are authorized to see, download and print in a paper format other website Contents exclusively for the aims related to the website use. It’s absolutely forbidden to copy, photocopy, duplicate, reproduce, distribute, publish, download, display, send in a electronic or mechanical way, deliver and record in any way the Contents without having in advance a written authorization by Kosmosoft Engineering S.r.l. or by their owners.

The authorization permitted by this agreement is automatically cancelled in case of violation of the present General Policy of the website use. Any other use of the website Contents such as duplication for different aims from the above mentioned ones and any type of copy, change, distribution, publication which can violate laws about copyright or trademark rights are strictly forbidden without having in advance a written authorization by Kosmosoft Engineering S.r.l..
Kosmosoft Engineering S.r.l. expressly reserves all the rights concerning intellectual property which are not specifically estimated in the present General Use Policy.

Other website links

The website provides some links to other websites only in favor of your convenience. Kosmosoft Engineering S.r.l. is not liable for the content of those websites and it can’t make statements regarding the content or the material accuracy contained within. You log on other owners’ websites at your own risk.

Website security

It’s strictly forbidden to violate or try to violate safety functions of the website, for instance

(1) accessing to data not for you or connecting to the server or account if you’re not authorized;
(2) trying to investigate, examine or taste the vulnerability of a system or network or even violate measures of security and authentication, unless you’ve got an explicit written authorization by the enterprise;
(3) trying to interfere with the service offered to users, host computer or network, for example by sharing
virus on the website, overloading the system, sending massive quantity of data, distributing not required spam, unwanted e-mails and chain letters or causing its stop;
(4) sending not required e-mails, transmitting promotional material or advertisements of services or products;
(5) faking the TCP/IP or any other part of the information contained in the mail header or the newsgroup sent.

Violations of the security of the system or the network can be object of penal or civil liability. Possible violation cases will be investigated involving legal authorities, collaborating with them in order to prosecute the people who are liable for the violations. By using the website, you agree by these Conditions to abstain from using any device, software or routine in order to interfere with the correct working of the website or with any other activity of the website itself. You also agree not to use or try to use any engine, software, tool, agent or other device or mechanism (such as browser, spider, robot, avatar or intelligent agents) different from the search engines available on the website itself and web browser different from the ones habitually in use such as Mozilla Firefox or Windows Internet Explorer in order to visit the website or make researches.

Disclaimer of Warranty

The online service and the website content are provided as is. Kosmosoft Engineering S.r.l. doesn’t make statements or warranties of any kind, either express or implied, including warranties of title, merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose or use, or conditions of non-violation regarding the website, its use and content.
Even if the content is considered to be accurate, complete and revised, Kosmosoft Engineering S.r.l. doesn’t make statements or warranties of any kind about accuracy, completeness and actuality of the information accessible by the website.
Some information quoted in the website can refer to future events. You are told that those statements are only foresights and the actual events can have material differences.

Limitation of Liability

Neither Kosmosoft Engineering S.r.l. nor its employees, directors, officers, agents, suppliers, external service providers can be liable towards you or third parties for particular, indirect, exemplary or other kind of damages including the impossibility to use the service, damages issued from acts caused by your liability and negligence or by other detrimental actions issued from or related to the use, the inability to use, duplicate or display the present website contents.

Information provided

You expressly understand and agree that any material, information and idea delivered to the website or provided to Kosmosoft Engineering S.r.l. (“Delivered Material”) will become and be property of Kosmosoft Engineering S.r.l.. By the present agreement you remise to Kosmosoft Engineering S.r.l. all rights concerning the Delivered Material, including possible copyright, without limitation of time or place, for free, for any present or future use, in any language.

You also understand and agree that it’s strictly forbidden to send or delivered from/to the website illegal, threatening, insulting, libelous, defamatory, pornographic and obscene material or any type of material that can be object of civil and penal liability by law. You are the only responsible person for your possible comments.

Modification of the Agreement

Kosmosoft Engineering S.r.l. maintains the right to modify the Use Policy, and may do so by revising this document without notice. You understand and agree that, in case one part of this Use Policy was inapplicable, the remaining part would be totally valid and applicable while the inapplicable one will be amended in order to make it applicable complying with laws. By using the website, you agree to be bound by these modifications and to consult this online document periodically in order to know the present General Use Policy.


Cookies are normally used by Kosmosoft Engineering S.r.l.. Cookie is a small data quantity sent by the website and memorized by your hard disk thanks to the browser. Cookies have information about you which allows the website to keep track of some data and customize the online service in order to improve the netsurfing. It’s possible to set the browser up in order to refuse cookies or to receive a notice when the cookie is sent to your computer.

Register file

As many other enterprises, Kosmosoft Engineering S.r.l. collects technical records from your computer any time you visit a page of the website. These records communicate your IP address (Internet Protocol), the browser type in use, the address of other websites linked and other technical information to Kosmosoft Engineering S.r.l.. Occasionally, Kosmosoft Engineering S.r.l. collects and analyzes these records but it never sells or gives them for money.

External website links

By clicking on links to external websites, you will be taken to agree the Use Policy of those websites and not the Use Policy of Kosmosoft Engineering S.r.l. any more. We heartily recommend to read the Privacy Policy of those websites in order to understand the differences between our Policy and theirs.

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